Results of the housing survey

Result of the housing survey –

The Parish Council has carefully considered the findings of the housing survey which was
conducted by the GRCC in Shipton Moyne last month, and reached the following
1. It is clear that an affordable housing project would incur considerable opposition from
village members, and therefore would not command the necessary level of community
2. Many respondents pointed out the lack of facilities in Shipton Moyne: no shop, post
office, or school, and very limited public transport, making the village an unsuitable location for affordable housing. Cotswold District Council itself appears to take a similar view. We would suggest that somewhere like Tetbury would be much more appropriate especially for low income families without cars.
3. The demand for affordable housing in Shipton Moyne turns out to be very low, and quite
insufficient to justify a special housing project. Only one couple has expressed a desire for
affordable rented housing in the village, and only two couples would be interested in
affordable ownership in the village. In addition, they are all quite elderly, whereas the village needs younger families with children.
For all these reasons we have therefore reached the unanimous decision that an
affordable housing project in Shipton Moyne would be a mistake and do not wish to take the matter any further. A copy of the survey results can be downloaded here –

Shipton Moyne HNS report 2020 FINAl

Christopher Hallpike