News Fibre Broadband Network Update

The new full fibre broadband  network for Shipton Moyne

This latest update from Gigaclear now explains that work on the build will not start in the first quarter of 2022, as we had been told, but this is  now when the work is expected to end. It is now expected to start around the end of March 2020:

The Westonbirt build covers an extremely large geographical area and there are many packages of work within this.  A full programme of works has been submitted by our contractor, including contingencies, and this is currently due to be fully completed by end of Q1 2022.  The Westonbirt cabinet is currently due to go live by end of Q1 2020, so POTs (Points of Termination – the connection points outside peoples’ homes) will start to go live from that point on.  When somebody will be able to receive a service will depend on when their individual POT is built, when that point is connected to the cabinet and when the cabinet goes live.  This could potentially (on current timescales) be at any point between end of Q1 2020 and end of Q1 2022; I’m afraid that I don’t have a breakdown available at the current time to show you where within the programme Shipton Moyne sits.

Christopher Hallpike Chairman

Attached is the latest map showing where the route is Gigaclear map