News Fibre Broadband Network Update

The new full fibre broadband  network for Shipton Moyne

Dear Shipton Moyners, the Parish Council thought you would like to be kept up to date with plans for the installation of the network for ultrafast fibre-optic broadband in the village, claimed to give the fastest broadband speeds in the country. The contractors for this are Gigaclear, and their representative Mr Stephen Harris has updated us on the latest developments. Between now and November, and starting from Westonbirt, the aim is to install junction boxes on the pavement outside every residence in Shipton Moyne, with the option for each owner to be connected to the network if they so wish, although there will be no obligation to do so. Gigaclear emphasise that the connection from junction box to house will also be by fibre-optic cable, not copper as hitherto, to maximise download speed. In order to complete this project some roadworks will be necessary, and some cabinets, similar to the green BT cabinets, will also be installed in a few places on the public highway. The map of the cable route is shown in the attachment, and questions about connection charges, precise dates, and other matters can be sent to:

01865 591137

Christopher Hallpike Chairman

Attached is the latest map showing where the route Gigaclear map